Children's Programs

View Early Literacy Classes Calendar

Early Literacy Classes, for children ages 3-6, are offered throughout the year at the Johnson Creek Public Library. Advanced registration is preferred. Please contact the library at 920-699-3741 for information. Parents wishing to register should call the library at 920-699-3741.

Summer Library Program

Area children, ages three and up through those just having completed eighth grade, are invited to participate in the annual summer library program. Participants will each receive a reading card and can earn a variety of incentives by keeping track of the reading they have completed. Special events such as a magic show will be offered throughout the summer. Registration information and a schedule of events are available at the Johnson Creek Public Library at the end of May.

View Home Schooling Events Calendar

The Johnson Creek Public Library offers programs and activities for home schooling families throughout the school year. A Valentine craft activity; Gallery of Presidents (in honor of Presidents' Day); a poetry reading and various speakers; a fire safety program (held in conjunction with the Johnson Creek Fire & EMS Department); a December holiday crafts activity; a World Fair, are just some of the programs the Johnson Creek Public Library has held. For more information, please contact the library at 920-699-3741 or email

View Building Buddies Calendar

Building Buddies, for children ages 3-6, offers children the opportunity to develop their imagination and language skills as they create different structures with blocks; cardboard; masking tape; plastic cups; and other recycled items. Counting; color identification; cause and effect; are just a few of the concepts involved.