Home Schooling Events

The Johnson Creek Public Library offers programs and activities for home schooling families throughout the school year. A Valentine craft activity; Gallery of Presidents (in honor of Presidents' Day); a poetry reading and various speakers; a fire safety program (held in conjunction with the Johnson Creek Fire & EMS Department); a December holiday crafts activity; a World Fair, are just some of the programs the Johnson Creek Public Library has held. For more information, please contact the library at 920-699-3741 or email jcreekpl@mwfls.org


Monday 1:00 pm
"Gallery of Presidents"
Home schooling students are invited to come dressed as their favorite United States president. Each student should be prepared to either tell one or two facts about the president they have chosen or read or recite a few words from one of his speeches. Everybody is welcome to attend!

If your children have any allergies, especially those associated with food, please let us know! Also, please note this program is always cancelled if the local schools are closed due to bad weather.